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Swedish wedding crown from the 18th century

Elliot Elisofon spent his life documenting various cultures worldwide, and doing so impeccably well. Most known for his vibrant documentary work he comprised a strong record of African life that resulted in 300,000 photographs. The first set of photo’s below are particularly good, a series that saw Elliot snap N’Goran Koffi & his elders In The Ivory Coast, you can’t fuck with that jewelery. (fucknfilthy)

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Street Etiquette : New York Fashion Week event [ 9/7/13 ]
We’re posting a different image every other day from the editorial in invite form to give you guys some teasers from the short film editorial. Again it’s totally open to the public so no RSVPs , we’re super excited to show everyone
 As you guys may have seen in the last posting we’re premiering our latest editorial titled SLUMFLOWER (September 7th ) in collaboration with the good folks over at @vsco — you can expect more from our collaboration with VSCO in the coming days

let’s create.


Bodies (2006)

Nadav Kander

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Liu Wen | La Perla SS14 Campaign 

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Reinaldo Lourenço Fall 2011

A pastel betta fish x Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010


My Love #12 (1971) 

can someone make me old comic pix like this with brown girls in it? that way I can feel like my angst is properly illustrated.